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Payments and Insurance

Bright Future Pediatrics is committed to providing access to the quality pediatric health care in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow and surrounding communities. Just like you, helping your child grow up to be happy and healthy is our top priority. This is why we accept most major insurance payers and have made the commitment to be a SoonerCare Medical Health home. If we do not have your insurance provider listed below please send us a message, we are adding new insurance policies often. 

We understand that the cost of your Childs well and sick visits can be a concern and we are here to help any way we can. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us a message or call our office. 

All providers at Bright Future Pediatrics is accepting SoonerCare Patients. Not all providers accept all commercial insurance policies. It is important to check with our intake specialists to ensure your commercial insurance is accepted by your preferred provider. 

What insurance does Bright Future and their pediatricians accept?  


Health Choice*

Blue Cross and Blue Shield


United HealthCare*



Cash Pay Discounts

All providers at Bright Future Pediatrics are accepting SoonerCare Patients. 

*Check with your Bright Future Patient Advocate to confirm that your provider accepts this insurance. 

Do I need to let my insurance or SoonerCare know I am seeking care at Bright Future Pediatrics before my visit? 

Yes, It is important that you call the number on your insurance card and let them know you are seeing a provider at Bright Future Pediatrics. This can help you keep your out of pocket costs lower and also allows us to properly coordinate your child's care with specialists and other partners in your child's health care plan. 

Some commercial insurance will require the provider name and SoonerCare will only require you change your PCP to our practice name. If you do not do this before your appointment you may have additional out of network costs or not be fully covered for your visit. If you need help with this just call our office an ask for a intake specialist. We are always happy to help!

How do I change my PCP or Primary Care Provider to Bright Future Pediatrics with SoonerCare or my Insurance Plan? 

It is important that you CALL Sooner Care BEFORE you arrive to your appointment and change us to your provider.  

Pro Parent Tip:  


Before you call make sure you are prepared and have at least 10-15 minutes to complete this process. Write down your child or children's member numbers or social security number and date of birth and have it ready to view easily to key it into the phone when you receive the prompt to do so. 

1. Call the SoonerCare Helpline at 800-987-7767  

2. Select 1 for English or 2 for Spanish

3. Select 1 (because you are a current member) 

4. Select 1 to enter the member number. Select 2 to enter Social and date of birth. 

5. Enter your Childs information then a #. 

6. Enter your Childs Date of Birth (example: 03122004 for 03/12/2004)

7. Select 3 then Select 8 to change address all other sooner care questions to talk to a person. 

8. Give the Operator your Childs member or social security number

9. Tell the operator you would like to change your Childs PCP to:

                 Bright Future Pediatrics 

10. Confirm that the provider has been changed and is Bright Future Pediatrics located at 817 S. Elm Place Broken Arrow, OK 74012.

11. Verify that your address is updated and current in the SoonerCare system. (If you do not update your insurance they may discontinue your covers 

12. If you have your Log in information go to your SoonerCare portal and verify it has been changed. 


 Please print your Childs SoonerCare membership card and Bring copy of it to

 your child's first appointment. If you cannot print it that is ok. 

Please note: if you login to your sooner care portal and change the PCP it may take several days to go into effect. It is important that you call and do this BEFORE your appointment so it goes into effect immediately. 

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