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Why Choosing a Pediatrician is Important


Choosing the right pediatrician is one of the most important things you can do for your child. You do not want just anyone caring for your child after all. Your child deserves a healthcare team of providers who will listen and take the time to understand the specific needs of your child and your family. In other words, your family needs a pediatrician who will establish a relationship with you. This is important in so many ways - to name a few: background knowledge, consistency, avoiding the emergency room, and checkups.


Why Pediatric Care is Important


Before we start, it is important to know why pediatric care is so important. Pediatricians, as opposed to other medical doctors, are specifically trained to handle the illnesses and injuries of children. Pediatricians must pay attention to issues that are specific to growth and development, while doctors for adults do not. For example, if your child breaks their arm, a pediatrician will be able to develop the best course of action to make sure the arm heals and there are no growth-related issues afterward. They will also be able to address the mental and emotional side of breaking a bone. However, whether it be physical health, social health, or mental health, pediatricians are equipped to handle it all. An added bonus is that this care is typically cheaper with a pediatrician than it is in a typical clinic or emergency room.


One additional note: over the years, your child will mature and change physically, mentally, and emotionally. A pediatrician is trained to handle these changes and, through establishing a relationship, will be able to navigate these challenges and express empathy.



Did you know that recent studies state that children who see the same pediatrician will have better health in the long-run? Your child is constantly growing and changing, and having one pediatrician will allow them to suggest personalized treatments. This means your child will get the best care possible, and regular visits with your child’s primary care provider will even decrease how often your child has to go to the emergency room!


Background Knowledge


Many children have chronic illnesses. In fact, it is increasingly common for a child to have one. A recent CDC study estimates that 43% of US children suffer from a chronic illness. Some of the most common chronic illnesses are high blood pressure, diabetes, ADHD, and asthma. Another recent study shows that families who see the same pediatrician have much better control of the chronic illness than those who see different pediatricians or doctors each time.


An added bonus to seeing the same pediatrician is that you will not have to explain your child’s story and health problems to every doctor you see. Your pediatrician will know your child and will even be able to help you understand the health system better.


Emergency Room


Let us preface this section by saying in the case of a real emergency, you should always go to the emergency room. However, in almost every case, you should call your pediatrician first. Your pediatrician will know your child better than an emergency room physician and will be able to distinguish the symptoms that should be concerning from normal symptoms. Additionally, you will typically have a much shorter wait time and a much more inexpensive visit at your pediatrician’s office.


Child Checkups


As previously mentioned, having regular checkups with your child’s pediatrician will increase your child’s health in the long run. While you may associate checkups with getting shots and/or growth charts, regular checkups can help with so much more. Your pediatrician will be able to perform a physical exam, evaluate your child’s development and growth, and provide a plethora of advice regarding healthy eating, living, and other lifestyle choices.


Your pediatrician, through knowing your child and their history, will be able to know when something is wrong so they can check for other injuries or illnesses.

Bright Future Pediatrics


At Bright Future Pediatrics in Broken Arrow, we came together as moms to create a pediatrics clinic that we wish we had when our children were little. We have created a space without waiting rooms, so you do not have to sit with other patients who may be sick. You can simply pull into the parking lot, check-in on your phone, and you will be brought into your family’s very own suite. In addition, all of our rooms are sensory sensitive with plenty of fun to keep your kids busy while you wait to see the doctor.


Family-Centered Care


We are a family-centered pediatric care center. We realize the role that the entire family has in caring for a child and keeping them well. This process all starts with open communication. We want to establish a line of communication with your child and the family members in their life. This leads to a stronger relationship between the pediatrician, medical staff, family members, and your child. Most importantly, when your family is looped in on your child’s health, it will help you to provide the best care possible for your child.


More Information


There are many differences between children and adults, both physical and emotional; it is undeniable. Your child deserves a doctor who is specially trained to treat their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our pediatricians are trained to handle whatever life may throw at your child. We are currently accepting new patients, accept most major insurance, can schedule same-day appointments, and have Saturday appointment options as well.


If you have any additional questions about Bright Future Pediatrics or if you would let to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 918-928-5437.

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