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About Us

Experience the heartwarming moment as  Bright Future Pediatric Latina Shelley Nurse Practitioner listens to a lively 2-year-old's lungs during a visit, bringing a smile to the little boy's face. Compassionate care that brightens your child's day!"
Primary CARE Pediatric Services

Well-Child Visits:

Newborn - Infant- School Age - Teen - Young Adult

Sick and Problem Focused Visits:

Same day Appointments - After Hours Nurse 24/7/365

Childhood Immunizations

School Required- Flu RSV - Travel - Exemptions

Chronic Condition Management

Asthma - Seasonal Allergies -Food Allergies - Diabetes - Obesity - Eczema - Celiac Disease Diagnostics - Support - Education *Not an complete list

Behavioral and Developmental Health

ADHD - Anxiety Disorders - Depression - Autism - Developmental Delays - Problems in School - 

Screenings - Assessments -Diagnosis -

Foster Placement Support.-Medication Management - Educational Support.- Referral Coordination 

Our Care Shines Bright: Your Family's Trusted Pediatric Partner

Welcome to Bright Future Pediatrics, your dedicated pediatric primary care clinic located in the heart of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma  just a stones through from the Rose District, Historic Main Street and New Orleans Square. Our mission is clear: to provide compassionate, current, and competent healthcare to children that establishes the foundation for a brighter future for families in our community. We treat your child as we would our own, ensuring every visit to our practice is a positive and reassuring experience.

We proudly hold the distinction of being a "Parents' Choice Provider." This title reflects our commitment to prioritizing not only the health and well-being of children but also the trust and confidence of the parents and caregivers who entrust us with their children's care. We firmly believe that parents know their children best and deserve a trusted partner in their child's healthcare; it's about listening and its about empowerment. We understand that parents and caregivers are the primary architects of a child's well-being. That's why we are committed to empowering you with knowledge, support, and the most current healthcare insights to enable you to make the best decisions for your children's health.

We are currently taking New Patients!

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