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Dr. Kathy Boyls is half Filipino and half Italian, she often needs help reaching the top shelf, she is a mom to two talented and beautiful daughters (25 and 17), and an adoring wife of 29 years to Steve. Meet the Bright Future Pediatrics Broken Arrow practice partner and our Medical Director Kathleen Boyls, MD. She brings to her patients over 30 years of expertise and experience as a Board Certified Pediatrician. Before making the move to Broken Arrow and Bright Future Pediatrics, she spent the past 11 years as Pediatric Department Head at Harvard Family Physicians in Tulsa Oklahoma. She is on staff at Saint Francis Hospital South and Saint Francis Main Children's Hospital.

Dr. Boyls has taken care of over 30,000 children in her career and seen everything you can imagine from the most rare of genetic diseases, a wide range of chronic conditions, to every rash and common childhood illness you can imagine.

She has taken care of brand new babies and watched those precious babies grow up, grow strong and grow their own families. She is passionate about breastfeeding, infant care, asthma, heart health and oddly enough as we recently learned during a recent care team meeting, Head-lice, as she excitedly exclaimed, "Lice! Oh I am an expert at Lice! Let me teach you!!" We all cracked up at this as she is often quite serious and at times very direct. We have watched her in awe handle the most difficult of diagnosis and also ease a parents mind who was preparing for the worst but learned that the situation was simple and easily managed. Dr. Kathy deeply cares about the health and long term success of each child she cares for and their parents. She is wildly passionate about helping share her experiences and knowledge with new Doctors and Nurse Practitioners, volunteering over 200 hours a year to our next generation of providers. She in on clinical facility at the University of Oklahoma and provides Pediatric rotations for In His Image Family Medicine Residency.

Q. When did you learn you wanted to become a Pediatrician and can you tell us what you love most about it?

I have wanted to be a Doctor since I was a little girl, My father was a Doctor. He was a Psychiatrist and he also was my hero. I simply love babies and children! I see a reflection of God in them and am captivated by the promise and potential of every child. I see this medical practice as a vocation--a calling to serve God through taking care of His children. To this end, I am constantly giving my best.

Q. Best Advice anyone ever gave you about parenting?

A. My Italian grandmother demonstrated sacrificial love and kindness to me. The best advice I received is to identify a child's talents and abilities at an early age and help him/her develop them fully as he/she grows.

Q. Favorite Restaurant and what do you order?

A. I love steamed clams. I am from Rhode Island where we call them "little necks." However, I have to be on vacation to get them. Sailfish Marina and Squid Lips in Florida are my favorites. In Tulsa, I like a good steak. I like Smoke on Cherry St. and Main st Tavern in Broken Arrow.

Q. What is your most funny family vacation memory ?

A. My friend Kathleen and I took our daughters on a girls trip to the beach. At the beginning of the trip, I fell and sprained my ankle. Kathleen had to roll me around in a "big wheel" wheelchair on the beach for the rest of our vacation. The bartender felt sorry for me and kept sending over bags of ice to put on my ankle that was black and blue and incredibly swollen.

Q. What is your favorite memory as a parent?

A. I have 2 favorites: With my daughter Stephanie, I loved seeing her overwhelming joy and surprise when she first met the Winnie the Pooh characters (especially Piglet) when she was 2 years old in Disney World. With my daughter Stacie, I loved taking her to a Princess boutique to have her hair and makeup done and then taking her to have lunch with the Disney Princesses.

Bonus Question!

Q. If you were a superhero or Fictional Character who would you be and why?

A. Wonder Woman because she can protect and defend the innocent and has pure motives.

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Bright Future Pediatrics is a pediatric primary care practice located in Broken Arrow and Dr. Kathleen Boyls is a Board Certified Pediatrician and IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She currently accepting new patients and welcoming her existing patients to her new practice in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She takes insurance including SoonerCare, BlueCross Blue Shield, Aetna, United HealthCare, Cigna, and is adding insurance plans ongoing. If your plan is not listed please send us a request and we will consider adding your plan to her service.

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